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Product Lead and Interaction Designer

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As a design and product lead, I have a  passion for innovation through user-driven research and insights to affect change on a global scale. I am highly skilled at uncovering whitespaces and opportunities to innovate within by addressing critical unmet needs of people around me. I am incredibly curious and always excited to learn new skills, absorb new knowledge and test out new ideas by diving head first into every challenge and getting my hands dirty.

I am well versed in a hypothesis driven validation approach and can rapidly implement tools and processes to validate product/service desirability, viability and feasibility. 


With a passion for design leadership, design strategy and entrepreneurship I lead teams to ideate, test and launch new products and services in the market to learn from and move forward.


Interaction Design (Masters)

CIID, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Product Design (Bachelors)

Srishti School of Art, Design & Tech


CV and Contact

Full CV and Contact is available on my LinkedIn

My expertise

Product Lead

As a designer and technologist, I am able to seamlessly navigate and manage stakeholders across design teams, engineering orgs and senior leadership.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for product design, I have successfully led the development and launch of various digital products. These range from STEM apps for classrooms, award-winning video games that integrate with physical LEGO bricks, to a cooking companion startup that involved building a team in India and launching on the Apple app store.

Product Design

My versatile skills allow me to work seamlessly across a range of products, from physical to digital experiences and technology services.

As a leader, I guide teams in understanding user needs, identifying new opportunities, and launching successful products through continuous experimentation.

UX & Interaction Design

Designing for interactions between products and humans is a passion of mine, as it helps us achieve our goals more efficiently.

Throughout my career, I have developed a variety of products, services, tools, and software that address the unmet needs of users. Examples include products that enable students to program robots, services that allow home cooks to be more creative in the kitchen, and video games that integrate with physical products. All of these solutions were designed by deeply understanding the users and their needs.

Product Strategy
Building Teams

Market Research
Hypothesis Mapping
Product Roadmaps
User Experience

Design Research
Design Sprints
User Research
Trend Analysis
Service Design
Graphic Design

Digital Protoyping
UX Architecture
UI Design
Rapid Prototyping

Front End Design
User Testing
Emerging Technology

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